Step 1: Sign up for a Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation 

Step 2: Choose your Desired Services 

Option 1) Initial Client Intake + Weekly Check-Ins 

$50 for initial consultation + $40 a month for weekly check-ins

Initial consultation includes review of your current symptoms, food logs, current habit questions, and goals. This can be in-person or on Zoom. Recommendations will be emailed to you afterward. We work together on this in a collaborative fashion. I will be your cheerleader and I can help you accomplish your goals!

Weekly Check-Ins include either phone calls, zooms, or emails. Check-ins can be from 10 - 20 minutes depending on your preference. 

Option 2) Health Coaching Session = $50 an hour 

What are the roadblocks to your healing? This consultation includes a holistic look into diet and lifestyle habits that affect overall health. You can schedule as many sessions as you’d like.