My Story

In 2015, I had an injury that completely changed my life. My life activities suddenly halted, and I had to fight to get my health back. Doctors told me to go home and rest. But resting wasn't fixing it. I had to take my health into my own hands. I began researching everything I could to find the answers I was searching for. What I discovered is that diet and lifestyle changes are powerful. The body is amazing, and it wants to heal! We can work with it if we just have the right tools. I am passionate about helping others learn more about healthy living. 

My Training

AIP Certified Coach                                                                                           2019 

This program is specifically tailored to working with clients with autoimmune conditions. The program focuses on an anti-inflammatory diet and troubleshooting areas of possible stress in the client’s lifestyle. 

Obtaining Optimal Health in the 21st Century Course                                                                           2018 David Getoff was San Diego’s leader in effective detox protocols. A naturopath and clinical nutritionist, he helped clients with illnesses ranging from diabetes to cancer. People came to him when they didn’t know where else to turn. His course covered what to eat, what supplements to take, and why we need to detox. (naturopath4you.com)

Nutritional Therapy Association certification                                                                           2017 - 2018

This is an in-depth 1-year training that looks at how nutrition or nutritional deficiencies can affect the body’s systems with a special emphasis on all of the stages of digestion.